Echocardiography Training

The latest technology to see into the heart.

Echocardiography training regurg

Image of regurgitation. Some of the things you will learn from echocardiography training

Echocardiography Training with Doctors

Echocardiography clinical training makes you feel like an actual member of a cardiac care team.

Echocardiography Training in Interpretation

Echocardiography training will include interpretation experience.

Echocardiography Training Programs

Academic Training

Your Echocardiography academic program will be based on "online" interactions. Coursework can be completed on your schedule each week. Programs are based on the latest educational materials and content in order to prepare you to pass the National registry and become an Echocardiographer.

Hands-On Scan Workshop

Echocardiography Scan Training needs to be hands on. Our secret to scan training is that you work one-on-one, with an instructor, in an actual lab setting. This is not clinical training; but, teaching you to perform the Echocardiography patient exam from start to finish. After our hands-on Echo scan training, you will be ready to proceed into clinicals and perform full patient echos independently.

Clinical Training

You will complete the clinical echocardiography training portion of the program at an approved echo facility. These can include hospitals and imaging centers.

Registry Review

You can now relax & enjoy. Echocardiography College's echo registry review will prepare you to pass the national registry exam. Offered with all our programs or as a stand alone study review.
Our Programs at Echocardiography College offer you the best echocardiography training available. We offer programs to meet the needs of sonographers ,looking to extend their skills into cardiac ultrasound, and those students who need complete Echocardiography training.