Echocardiography Training College Welcomes You

Echocardiography training college

4 chamber view with TR

Echocardiography Training College Welcomes You. 

We are here to assist with the training of competent and knowledgeable cardiac ultrasound technicians.

Every echocardiographer that graduates from the Echocardiography College will have the necessary skills to perform all types of echos.  Our various programs contain 3-12 months of classroom work, during which students will learn the echo exam and pathologies of the human heart.  Students that complete the full echo training program are prepared with a minimum of 800 hours of clinical training, at hospitals, mastering the art of cardiac ultrasound.

Some of the reasons Echocardiography Training is in high demand are stated in a good article on heart diseaseRead this if you have the time, it points out excellent info on our patients.

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Echocardiography Training Gets New Wiki !

Echocardiography Training gets new Wiki!

Echocardiography Training College

European Echo Association


Hello, just got some great news about Echocardiography Training.  We wanted to share this with the Echocardiography and other Ultrasound readers of this blog.

The European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging just created this new Echcardiography Training site.  It is a knowledge based platform in the form of a Wiki Encyclopedia.

They describe Echocardiography Training as:

“Dear Friends of echocardiography, welcome to Wikiecho !

Have you ever searched the internet for reliable answers about echocardiography related questions? With WikiEcho, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) is now offering a free, up-to-date and reliable online encyclopaedia for all people interested in echocardiography. A large number of enthusiastic authors have already contributed over the past few months and from December 2012 the website is open to all users. Please help to make WikiEcho grow by participating actively in the discussions and writing your own articles. As in any wiki, contributions and changes will be published immediately, but to reassure you about the quality of the content, WikiEcho has a special feature: articles will be reviewed by an EACVI board of echocardiography experts. Watch out for the EACVI logo which indicates approved articles! We would be glad if WikiEcho becomes your most used and trusted online source in echocardiography.”

What We Found:

We found this to have some great information on Echocardiograms and Echocardiography Training in general.  The hemodynamic section is especially good as are the pictures in the Echocardiogram Transducer positions section.  Also since it is a WIKI you can add to the content!  Think about adding content if you are an expert in the Echocardiography topic.

Their website address is

Take a look and see what you think about it.

After you have reviewed the site be sure to comment on this post with your impressions.  This new Echocardiogram site should get plenty of return visits.

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By John Sheldon