Echocardiography Scholarships

Echocardiography scholarships

Echocardiography Scholarships Available Now

Echocardiography Scholarships Now Being Offered is celebrating the unveiling of their upgraded echocardiography program by offering echocardiography scholarships.  The new program has been updated to follow the standards of the National Educational Curriculum from JRC DMS.    Feedback from previous students was studied and not only is the material covered more thoroughly but the format is more user friendly.  No longer just textbook based but more interactive than ever.

Two Echocardiography scholarships are being awarded that will cover the cost of tuition for either a full echocardiography course or an echo cross training course.   These scholarships are for deserving students willing to review our new program and suggest ways to improve, even more.   Scholarship application deadline is 4/30/16

The recipients of the 2 echo training awards will be chosen at random from among those deemed qualified, based on’s echo Course entrance requirements.  Full echocardiography training course requires an Associates degree or higher in a patient care related field.  The cross training echocardiography course requires you be a registered sonographer in a modality other than echocardiography.

Please email us at stating your interest with a little about yourself including background,  education and medical experience. We will respond with the full scholarship details and an application to complete for consideration.


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